Lava shell massage(Heated)

Lava shells 2

What is Lava Shell Massage?

Lava Shell massage uses porcelain lava shells, which are ergonomically shaped for ease of use during massage treatments.  Lava Shells are naturally hygienic and non-porous, providing the perfect massage tool for the current health climate.  The shells are internally heated, which provides a lovely warmth to the massage.  This heat, naturally helps to soften any knots & nodules from tension that has built up in the body.  Due to their unique shape, they become a natural extension of the therapist's own hands and can be used to seamlessly deliver deep, targeted massage relief.           Lava shells                                         

Using a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu massage techniques, treatments are tailored to each client & maybe either relaxing or deep tissue, pinpointing specific areas of tension & aiming to eradicate persistent problem areas.

If you love heat, you'll love these!

When is is available?

Jenni is available by arrangement throughout the week.