Life Coaching

Life coaching aims to help you manage and overcome difficulties and changes in your life that might be causing you stress or anxiety, and prevent you from getting what you really want. Life coaching will assist you to clarify what is truly important to you, identify what holds you back and help you find strategies for moving forward towards enjoying an interesting and rewarding life.

We believe coaching is not about finding quick fixes or giving advice as to what is best for you. It is more an opportunity for you to explore and work out for yourself, what your best plan of action will be, and then implementing it.  It is the role of a coach to support and encourage you through this process, not judge, criticise or tell you how to think and behave.

What we Offer

Coaching takes place with regular sessions lasting for 1 hour. The frequency of these sessions will be arranged with you when we discuss your objectives and how we can best achieve them. Coaching programmes usually run over 4 - 6 sessions and can be extended over more sessions if required.

when is it available?

Our Life Coaches are available here in Blandford, Dorset throughout the week including some Saturdays.