Thai Foot Massage

A Thai Foot massage treatment begins with a luxurious foot bath using peppermint oil, followed by a relaxing massage which is a powerful Ayurvedic system.

Complete comfort and warmth are ensured throughout, with the use of foot wraps, or warm towels, wrapped securely around the legs.  This massage is practised in a way that is sensitive to each individual’s needs, it is ideal for those with poor circulation.

 Each foot is treated individually to a holistic massage along the foot, calf muscle and lower thighs. A combination of massage strokes promotes healthy circulation and assists in dispersing fluid retention.  A blend of acupressure thumb presses, work away blockages to restore the energy flow along energy lines in the legs called sen-lines and meridians.  Reflexology is then applied to specific reflex points, to unblock nerve endings on the feet with a round ended foot stick, and finger pressure.  A combination of this, with Japanese Shiatsu, which introduces assisted stretching and various therapeutic massage strokes to the routine.  All of these trusted methods complement each other perfectly, to restore balance to the body using specific reflexes such as the sciatic reflex to help relieve the pain of sciatica.

Relieving pain through the nerve endings on the foot and heel may be more comfortable than a direct massage on a painful area of the body.  Each foot is a complex map in which to access the body as a whole. Reflexology on each foot treats the opposite side of the body, the left foot treats the right side, and the right foot treats the left, so there is a wonderful benefit of a whole-body treatment in foot massage.