Bio-Resonance health screening

Bio-Resonance Health Screening is a non invasive way of assessing your general health, by measuring your body's electrical impulses and analysing the response with computer technology.  We test using a SCIO Bio-Resonance system, which provides information on sensitivities and allergies to all foods and toxins, nutritional deficiencies including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. It also checks the energetic health of tissues & organs and identifies the presence of fungi, parasites, viruses and bacteria for example.

During a consultation, you will be asked detailed questions about yourself so that we can get a complete picture of your condition and past medical history. Treatment is with Homeopathy and nutritional advice and supplements.  In order to prescribe the best remedies, we will need to ask about many aspects of your life.

First consultations take up to 2 hours and review appointments with testing take 90 minutes.

When is it available?

Bio-Resonance Health Screening is available here in Blandford, Dorset throughout the week.