Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is known as the oldest form of healing and is likely as old as human consciousness. It is an ancient practice of healing used by our ancestors. It involves an individual entering an altered state of consciousness to access the gifts of the Spirit world.

Shamanism connects us to the wisdom of all time. It is a source of power and knowledge and can guide us to a deep and beautiful connection with our heart, ourselves and the people and world around us. It is a connection to source, to Spirit, to the divine, to the energy that exists around us that often we seek, but do not know how to access. Shamanism teaches us that we are part of the whole, and the whole is a part of us.

Shamanism can take us on a journey of self-discovery, to a more loving connection with self, to a deeper understanding of the human psyche and life itself. Shamanism can also help us to understand death and dying, and can be very supportive at times of transition in this life.

At the core of these global ancestral healing techniques are a few important principles. Firstly, spirit moves through all things and everything has spirit - you and I, plants, animals, objects, emotions, thoughts, all is conscious energy and can be communicated with.

Secondly, as spirits on a journey in the physical world, you not only have a physical body, but an energy body too.  Throughout the course of our lives we all experience trauma, pain, fear, shock and grief, and these events have an effect on our energy body - it is here that Shamanic Healing can help. 

Shamans walk with one foot in the Spirit world and one foot in this reality. They see, feel, and hear the call of Spirit. They look beyond death and this human life. They see beyond time and exist in different worlds. Here they seek and find the gifts for your soul, the parts you are missing, the connections you seek, the love you yearn for, the wholeness you crave, the happiness you deserve. The Shaman will walk in the Spirit world to see what your soul is calling, and return these gifts to help you on your path to self-love and wholeness.

This work can be very supportive during times of grief, if you are preparing to die, or are living with terminal health conditions. It can be of great comfort to understand the Shamanic map of the world so you know how to find your way home when it is time to leave your physical body. Often conversations around death can understandably bring about fear and emotional upset, especially when speaking with loved ones. This work can give you a safe place to explore your emotions around your own death, to learn and practise to journey into the Spirit world to help with your transition home when the time arrives. It can also be a way to make sure loved ones have returned to Spirit once they have died.

Shamanism is the greatest gift from our ancestors and can be the most magical tool to help us navigate this path of being human.

What to expect during a session?

The initial consultation will give you plenty of time to talk about yourself. Here we can speak about your intentions for the session and any aspects of yourself you would like to address, or questions you may have for Spirit. It is not necessary to talk in depth about previous trauma or grief for this work to be effective, and you can share as much or as little about yourself as you feel called.

Once we have an intention for the session you will be asked to lay comfortably on the floor. I will then enter a shamanic state of altered consciousness and ask to receive a healing for you. This process usually takes around 1 to 1.5 hours. We will stay in communication throughout the session and talk about the work as it unfolds.

During the session Spirit may return soul parts, power animals or gifts; remove energy blocks, dis-ease, unwanted attachments or heavy energy; unravel negative ancestral patterns or unhelpful attachments to others.

Additionally, this beautiful nature based connection to Spirit can be called upon to retrieve knowledge and wisdom about one's life. What direction should you walk to find your truest calling? What do you need to know at this time? Spirit can help with any burning questions in our lives. These questions can be asked directly during a divination session, or may be answered during the healing session.

Once the work is complete, I will share your healing story and any integration work given by Spirit. The metaphor and story is yours to interpret and receive as feels right in your heart. As the practitioner, I do not interpret any information given to me.

During this work I am deeply connected to loving, compassionate beings and you are held in a supported, safe, healing environment. I have been training in this field for more than 10 years, and the work my Allies achieve always leaves me very grateful for the work that is done.

How do I prepare for this session?

Please make sure we have had a free introductory 15 minute call, and that you complete and return an initial consultation questionnaire, at least 5 days before attending your first appointment.

In the 3 days prior to your session and the 3 days after your session it is requested to avoid alcohol and recreational substances.

Shamanic healing is here to support and help the process of self-healing. Ultimately the path to health and happiness is in your hands. Shamanism helps to return power and vital essence and to help guide you on your own path of discovery. With this in mind, it is important to make time for the integration process and to do any work suggested by Spirit. This is especially important in the 3 days after a session.

Consider what you can do for yourself to be open and ready to receive the gifts from Spirit. This can include eating well, walking in nature, meditating, taking time to journal or write your thoughts. Start to be aware of negative thought patterns and become willing to let these go and make new stories. Being comfortable to let go of old stories, blame, shame and any other negative human emotion is a wonderful step in your path. Take some time to drop into your heart and ask what you need most at this time, and what you are willing to do to receive it.

How long is the appointment and how much will it cost?

The initial consultation is 2 to 2.5 hours and costs £180.

Included in this session is a diagnostic journey before we meet, and a follow-up call within a week after your session.

Additional appointments are 1.5 to 2 hours and cost £135. The above diagnostic journey and follow-up call is also included with each session.

Payment plans are available if required to access this work.

Whilst profound and beautiful healing can take place in one session, it can be necessary to look at healing as a journey; we all work in different ways and at different paces.

What can I expect to feel during and after the session?

This varies from person to person but some examples include:

·       Energy or sensations in the body when the healing work is being done.

·       Tearful

·       Emotional

·       Sensitive

·       May have a healing crisis and feel exhausted or the need to rest

·       Joyful or ecstatic

·       A deeper connection to source or a new awareness of the world around you

·       More whole or content

·       A new enthusiasm for life

·       Productive

·       The ability to express yourself more clearly and release old emotions

Whilst the energy settles, sometimes you can feel a little more turbulent, but also you may feel at peace, energised and more connected. It is part of the integration to sit and be with these feelings and to allow these processes to unfold. Sometimes people feel nothing and it may take time for the changes to come to the surface. It may be months before you can clearly see that some things have changed within your life. It is also important to note that Spirit will only gift you with the work that you can absorb and integrate. Spirit doesn’t send anything our way without also providing us with the energy to engage with it.

What do I need to bring to our session?

Please bring the following to each session:

·       A note book and pen to write your healing story

·       A warm blanket

·       An eye mask or similar (not essential, but can be helpful when resting)

·       Any items or photo’s you may wish to place on an altar (Shamanism is non-religious, but you are welcome to bring religious or non-religious items).

When is it available?

Shamanic Healing is currently available on Thursday afternoon and evening. Additional appointments may be available upon request. Please leave some time after the session to sit in reception and have a cup of tea before leaving.