Flower Essence therapy

What are Flower Essences?

Flower and vibrational essences are a form of subtle energy medicine. They are liquid solutions that contain the therapeutic qualities of the flower, tree or other natural source and are unscented, unlike essential oils.

Flower Essences have been used for healing for centuries but it was Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician and homeopath, that re-introduced them in their modern form in the 1930's with his 38 remedies. Today, there are now many producers from all over the world creating a wide range of different essences.

Essences support emotional well-being, mind-body health, and spiritual growth by bringing awareness and lasting positive change to our lives.

They help us move beyond our self-limiting beliefs, fears, and anxieties into a place of self love, acceptance, and emotional freedom.

What can Flower essences can help with?

  •                  Releasing trauma and shock from the system
  •                  Moving through blocks & self doubt
  •                  Strengthening your energy field
  •                  Releasing old patterns
  •                  Increasing clarity & focus
  •                  Reducing stress, worry, fear, irritability, anxiety & overwhelm
  •                  Awakening your spirituality
  •                  Releasing shame, guilt & sabotage
  •                  Establishing healthy boundaries
  •                  Connecting to your inner wisdom
  •                  Moving through sadness & grief
  •                  Developing your intuition
  •                  Life purpose & direction
  •                  Grounding & embodiment
  •                  Building self esteem & confidence
  •                  Clearing ancestral patterns
  •                  Coping with transitions and change

Who can benefit from them?

They are gentle and safe for all to use, even children and animals. They can be used alongside, and compliment very well, other modalities and conventional treatments. 

What happens during a treatment?

During a session we will go through an in-depth consultation to get an overall picture of your health and well-being, and gain clarity on where you would like support so we can create your own bespoke blend of essences.

when is it available?

Hollie is available on Friday afternoons and the first Saturday of the month.  Call or email to book or to find out more information.