Hawaiian Massage (lomi lomi)

Lomi Lomi Massage is a very special type of massage, otherwise known as 'Kahuna Massage'.  It originates from the beautiful islands of Hawaii & incorporates the Hawaiian concept of Aloha, which means to focus on love, unification and breath. 

During this relaxing massage, your breath will release tension from different zones in your body.  You will feel the deep massage strokes relieving muscle tightness from the shoulders, back and legs.  Stretches, leg lifts, body balancing and gliding motions soothe and unify you with the breath, which clears and renews your strength. 

Be swept away with long, deep and rhythmic movements which will leave you feeling comforted, relaxed and truly soothed.  Forearms and elbows are used. 

You are in control of your own recovery.  A warm, energy releasing massage that is best practised when you have a quiet day, before a bath and restful sleep.