What is Rejuvanessence?

Rejuvanessence is a unique natural facial rejuvenation therapy, also known as Facial Energy Release, that works much more deeply than a beauty treatment.

It is blissfully relaxing and restorative to the body, mind and spirit as well as the face.

Exquisite, light touch massage techniques restores the skin's connective tissue to its natural elastic and flexible state. Circulation and lymphatic drainage is boosted, thus improving skin condition.

Stress and tension held in the 91 muscles of the face, head neck and shoulders is released, creating a more relaxed, radiant and youthful appearance.

What are the benefits of Rejuvanessence?

  •        Profoundly relaxing and healing to body, mind and spirit
  •        Can be an aid to releasing stressful experiences held in the face and head, instilling confidence and empowerment
  •        Restores the natural flow of energy, balancing and revitalising, by working on reflex points and meridians.
  •        May release headaches, jaw and shoulder pain, sinus problems and insomnia
  •        Improves skin tone & restores natural elasticity of face
  •        Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and firms jaw line
  •        Creates a more youthful, radiant and expressive appearance
  •        Detoxifying to the face and system
  •        Slows the ageing process

what should i expect during a Treatment?

A full course of Rejuvanessence comprises six  90 minute sessions, ideally weekly, with each session devoted to a different part of the face, head, neck and shoulders. The treatment does not involve the use of products except a few drops of organic facial oil if needed.

For best results, regular top up sessions are recommended.

 It is a safe, gentle treatment that is completely natural and non-invasive.*

What are the Origins of rejuvanessence?

 It was originally developed by American bodyworker, craniosacral therapist and acting coach Stanley Rosenberg, who discovered techniques to gently mobilise his acting students faces to become more expressive, and more youthful looking. Rosenberg's method was perfected and refined by Margareta Loughran who brought it to England.

*Please note: If you have had Botox or fillers, it is recommended you leave at least 6 weeks before commencing Rejuvanessence.

When is it available?

Hollie is available here at Hambledon Health on Friday afternoons and the first Saturday of the month.  Hollie also offers taster treatments if you are unsure and would like to try it first.