Vision oracle readings

What is important to you at this moment in time? The Vision Oracle has been designed to help you to manage your family, friendships and close relationships. You will study the hand painted art work, which will have a unique meaning to you. The images are family orientated, with a focus on the emotions. A Vision Oracle reading will show your achievements, direction and ambitions, and gives gentle guidance on how to manage your emotions, so that you can progress with your ambitions with a new direct focus.

A Vision Oracle Reading can be stand alone or combined with any of Emelye Purser's treatments to provide a variety of 2 hour calm & clarity packages see below.

Reiki with Vision Oracle Reading - 2 hours

Hypnotherapy for anxiety with a Vision Oracle Reading- 2 hours

Lomi Lomi Massage with a Vision Oracle Reading - 2  hours




Please be aware that complementary therapies complement, but do not replace conventional medical treatment and care. No therapist can guarantee specific results. The therapist may give information, or guidance for the client to consider. This guidance could bring about positive results where the client is motivated to change, in conjunction with proper medical support, if required. Any resulting choices made, remain the personal and also the legal responsibility of the client. Vision Oracle readings are for therapeutic guidance, for entertainment purposes only.