28th July 2020

To reassure our patients, clients & practitioners, here is a quick update on clinic hygiene etc.beyond our usual stringent standards, in order to keep everyone safe as far as we possibly can:
Patients should not attend their appointment, but call & let us know if they are experiencing or live with anyone who has experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in the last week.
All patients/clients should wear a face covering when entering & leaving the clinic.
 All appointments are staggered where possible to avoid meeting anyone else other than their practitioner.  
Patients/clients should arrive on time, not too early, to avoid sitting in reception if possible.  Although we recognise that elderly and infirm patients may need to.
Everyone is asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser on arrival in clinic.  There are single use hand towels in the washroom & sanitiser in reception & in each room.
Practitioners will ask patient to sign a form, confirming they have not had or been in contact with anyone who has had COVID symptoms in past week.  Temperature will be taken and recorded on this form too. 
 Practitioners will wear a visor as a minimum (per government guidelines) for all contact therapies, cleaned between patients, also either a disposable apron or a specific top or tunic for treatments (not to be worn in and out of the clinic).  Masks & gloves if appropriate.  
For talking therapies, a social distance of 1-2 metres will be observed.  For EMDR a visor will be worn or the screen used.
Practitioners will leave, at least 15 minutes between patients for cleaning & change of PPE.  There are tubs of bio-degradable wipes in each room for cleaning the couch, wipe-able cushions, chairs, desk & door handles, bannisters, reception chairs, loo, taps, door handle & front door handles.  Essentially anything that has been touched.
Single use couch covers and/or couch roll will be used on the couches.  Couches must be fully disinfected down between use. Only wipe-able cushions & bolsters are to be used.
There are screens in place in reception & in one of the rooms.
Treatments on the front of the face are still not allowed at the moment, sadly, but hopefully that will change soon.
We also need to  ensure we have up to date contact details for each patient/client, just in case we are contacted by track & trace.
We hope to see you (safely) in the clinic soon.

Karen & the team


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