Naturopathic nutrition

What to expect at the first appointment


To begin with I offer a complementary twenty minute ‘discovery call’ for potential clients. This enables me to understand your health concerns and, importantly, for us to decide whether we are the ‘right fit’ going forward?

 Once an initial consultation has been booked, I then send out my comprehensive health questionnaire. It is important that this level of information is gathered from the beginning as it enables me to maximise my time with clients during the consultative process and gain a fuller understanding of any underlying causes in advance.

Your initial consultation will last for up to one hour and resulting from this meeting clients receive a tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan. My thorough consideration is always backed with evidence-based research as well as simple, clear and targeted advice that delivers achievable outcomes.

  •        Initial consultation: up to 1 hour
  •       Analysis of health questionnaire
  •       Identification of key areas of concern
  •      Analysis of food diary
  •      Identification of nutrient deficiencies
  •      Systematic review of all bodily systems
  •      Consideration of family history & genetics
  •      Review of medications and supplements
  •      Analysis of any relevant blood tests
  •      Talk through concerns and goals
  •      Advice on testing, where appropriate
  •      Advice on supplementation, where appropriate
  •      Delivery of a comprehensive diet and lifestyle plan

Follow up appointments


Very few, if any, health issues can be addressed with just one appointment and therefore we arrange the follow up consultation to take place usually within one months’ time. This second appointment allows me to listen to progress, discuss any challenges and to agree next steps.

 For some clients this may be enough, others require further on-going support. In these instances, I offer a range of affordable programmes lasting anywhere between three to six months.

 As well as practical nutritional advice I often recommend certain nutritional supplements and, where necessary, clinical tests where a better understanding of specific biological systems may be required.

 Healthcare as a whole is taking an increasingly individualist approach to client well being. At Allegra Nutrition your needs are unique, and my tailored approach reflects this. I draw inspiration from the significant health improvements that I have supported over the years. Nothing delights me more than to witness my clients re-discover the abundant health that they once enjoyed and the ability to regain that all important zest for life.