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Meet your local nutritionist

Sebastian Readhead is offering a Free talk on Monday 4th December 7.30-9.00pm

This is an opportunity to come and meet Sebastian and to hear how he might help you.  Maybe you have a chronic condition or would like to either lose or gain weight.  Or maybe you would like to just find out a little more about nutrition.  Either way please feel free to come and join us.  

Spaces are limited so please call or email to reserve your place.

Hambledon Health 01258 458120 or Sebastian 07712728288



Think, Act, Be Positive – NLP Practitioner Certificate with Coaching Skills

This is a 7 day practitioner course with tasks to complete between training days. Participants must attend all 7 days to achieve the full award.

Course dates for 2018 – 5th May, 9th June, 7th July, 8th Sept, 6th Oct, 10th Nov, 8th Dec. All days begin at 10am and finish at 4pm with additional time available for one to one support.

The course is designed to enable you to successfully achieve the NLP Practitioner Certificate and prepare to support others in a coaching or therapy context. Groups are no larger than 10 which enables individual needs to be met and for you to work at the best pace and style for you. Activities and tasks are designed to enable you to develop your NLP skills, knowledge and understanding in a supportive, fun and informal learning environment.

Your trainer

Fiona Chapman is an experienced trainer with over 30 years’ experience in personal development, NLP, leadership and management and accredited training. Fiona continues to successfully work as a Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EMDR Therapist and is the author of The ChapWell Method – 7 Keys to Success, Happiness and Well-being. She is a trainer member of ANLP (Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming) and has been selected as a presenter at the International NLP Conference in London, May 2018.

Cost - £750.00 payment to secure your place must be made by the 25th April. Please contact Fiona Chapman on 07766671398 or Hambledon Health on 01258 458120 to secure your place.

Testimonials from previous course participants

Fiona is a highly knowledgeable and expert trainer who is able to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere that I really enjoyed and learnt so much.  The big thing about the course for me was how she helped me overcome my fears so that I felt like a real NLPer by the end of the course.

It was the best and most helpful course for me, I’ve been on loads of different courses but this one and Fiona’s voice will always be in my head!

I would definitely recommend this NLP course taken by Fiona as she is able to explain and demonstrate so very clearly what seems like a mammoth amount of information to take in. Fiona guides us smoothly through the many NLP techniques and I am truly amazed at how much I can retain and now hopefully use to help others.

Brief overview of the course content – apologies it’s NLP Talk but you’ll be expert at it by the end of the course!

·         NLP Presuppositions

·         NLP Therapy/Coaching Model

·         NLP Communications Model

·         Present to desired state 

·         Perceptional Positions

·         The Pillars of NLP

·         Representational Systems

·         Eye Accessing Cues

·         Association and Dissociation

·         Sub modalities

·         TOTE/Strategies

·         Anchoring

·         Well Formed outcomes

·         Meta Models/Programmes

·         State management

·         Congruency and incongruence

·         Rapport Building,

·         Chunking 

·         Reframing

·         Time lines

·         Stacking, Chaining and Collapsing Anchors

·         Swish Pattern

·         Phobia Fix

·         Parts integration

·         Coaching skills

acupuncturist Caiti buck looking after Deborah mannion's patients whilst she is on sabbatical 

Acupuncturist Caitie Buck is looking  after Deborah Mannion's patients whilst she takes a well earned sabbatical.  Caiti is also tking on new patients of her won and is available on Fridays here in the clinic.  Deborah will be rejoining the team next year in addition to Caiti.