Bio-dynamic cranial sacral therapy(BCST)

What is Bio-dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy (BCST)?

AMS Cran Head

BCST is a gentle way of working with your system using light touch. BCST supports health in the body. It helps increase physical vitality and wellbeing, not only effecting structural change but also having much wider implications, emotionally and spiritually

People sometimes ask about the name Cranio Sacral Therapy and - understandably - think it only refers to the head. In fact, BCST works with the whole person and changes may occur in body, mind and spirit during and after sessions.

The cranial treatment I offer promotes physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing - supporting you to live to your full potential, unhindered by low energy, anxiety, chronic pain or recurring illness. I use gentle touch to interact with subtle rhythmic movements in your body to assist the body’s capacity for self-repair.

Who is it suitable for?

BCST is so gentle that it is suitable for all ages ~ babies to elderly, including those in fragile or acutely painful conditions.

Ailments, injuries and upsets will often go unresolved and our body’s self-healing ability becomes severely compromised. Over time this can lead to a decrease in vitality, exhaustion and more susceptibility to illness and further injuries.

BCST is a subtle and profound healing form, which assists the body’s natural capacity for self-repair.

What happens in a session?

AMS cran feet

During the first visit I will take a case history, listening with care to the reasons for your visit.

I typically make contact with the feet, head or shoulders and then engage with specific areas in the body with a light, listening touch, encouraging your body to relax and begin to make the changes it needs. Because the body functions as a whole, I may focus on areas other than where you report symptoms occurring. Clients often report a sense of deep relaxation, with many people feeling warmth, tingling, pulsations or other pleasant sensations.

As BCST is client-led, it is your body’s system that sets the pace of work, allowing you to remain comfortable, in control and able to integrate the changes that occur.

when is it available?

Our Cranial Sacral therapist is available here in Blandford, Dorset on Wednesday AM and Friday PM.