What is nutrition?

Nutrition works, feeds and supports the body in it's daily elimination of wastes and toxins, which is vital if we want to achieve optimum health.  Without good nutrition we may not have the energy to fulfill our daily activities.  Drinking water is an essential part of this and without it, the body cannot stay in a state of good health.

Often a few simple changes to our diet and lifestyle can make big differences to our health and well-being.  Food builds and fuels our bodies and therefore it can make us well or ill.

Perhaps your body is hanging onto excess fat and fluid?  Is it the shape you would like it to be and do you have the health and vitality you would like to have?  With a nutritionist you can find out why and then make the changes to correct it.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is looking to achieve better health, through tailored natural products and lifestyle changes, will benefit from seeing a qualified nutritionist. 

We typically consult individuals with chronic conditions or those who have problems achieving their health and or weight loss/gain goals alone.  No condition is too great or too small.  If it can be treated naturally we will help you fix it.

What happens in a session?

During a Nutrition consultation you will learn why your body is experiencing the symptoms it is. This is based on your health history, your hereditary background and the kind of foods and drinks consumed during childhood right up to the present day.  Knowing which kinds of foods and fluids are the best for your body type will enable you to regain health, increase your energy, relax more and be as free from disease as possible.

Our recommendations are highly focused on foods, quality supplements, exercise guides, essential oils and more.  Within the initial consultation, we will mostly focus on understanding your condition, we will give brief immediate recommendations, however we like to do further research and send a written document of detailed advice.  This means you get more than 1 hour of our help, and it saves you trying to remember lots of information.

In most cases basic biological readings would be taken including; bio-electrical impedance scales, blood pressure, BMI, skin fold measurements, hip to waist ratio etc, all of which are inclusive options.

when is it available?

Our Nutritionists are available here in Blandford, Dorset on various days throughout the week including Saturdays.